BITE LOCAL – What’s on offer

Are you motivated? Are you good with people? Ever wanted to run your own business but didn’t know where to start? Do you want to run a business that helps people, gives back to the community, and can make money at the same time? Then Bite Local may well be perfect for you.

You run your own business within a larger business, with most of the leg work already done for you.

Bite Local is basically an online food ordering offering and a mobile app for the hospitality industry. It’s a marketplace for restaurants, cafés, (and moving into mobile food vans such as food trucks, coffee vans, and ice cream vans.) We want to offer both restaurants and consumers an alternative to the big tech companies that charge HUGE fees. Some charge up to 35% of orders whereas our fees are much lower.

We offer more than just low fees.

Our unique selling proposition is strong!

Our offering is very attractive to restaurant owners through low fees, one on one local relationships, local drives, and full reporting and customer data. Bite Local is also attractive to consumers as they want the convenience of online ordering and delivery but want to support local at the same time. Finally, it’s attractive as a franchise business, as even on our small fees, good money can still be made, for minimal outlay. Strong relationships and old-fashioned sweat can bring you success!

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Hear from founder Dave Wilton about why Bite Local exists and how you can build your own empire on your own turf